ALL media registration must take place through the online site.

No applications will be accepted via phone, fax or email.

FINAL DEADLINE is Aug. 15 at midnight.


(We need adequate time to process applications, package materials and work at the show site preceding the show.)

Please read the information below before continuing to the registration form.

Please fill out all requested information for the media credentials application – read the requirements carefully. Applications may be denied due to missing information.


EDITORS SHOULD FILL OUT ONE APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNED STAFF – requires inclusion of staff member’s job position. All persons must be on staff or assigned and verifiable. Please list staff names, position (e.g., reporter) and his/her email address. The show will send media alerts and news releases via email to all contacts with emails provided in the request.

FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS AND FREELANCE WRITERS: Please attach an assignment letter from your assigning editor AND provide contact information for him or her so that we can verify your assignment. If you do not do so, your request will be denied for lack of requested information. You can speed up the process by asking your editor to apply for your credentials.

International journalists should apply early enough to meet any visa and/or passport requirements that are necessary to enter the United States.

The number of media credentials issued to each media outlet will be limited to a reasonable number at the discretion of the CAF High Sky Wing Staff – again, based upon what is reasonable for an outlet to cover the show. Do not assume that you will receive the maximum; you must justify the number you need and for whom you are requesting. Any personnel over that limit will be subject to regular admission prices. No credentials are issued to non-working media, friends, family, etc.

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation that your application has been received. An additional e-mail will be sent notifying you of the outcome of your request about two weeks before the show. You also will receive additional information regarding picking up credentials, parking, grounds, entry, and other information.

Media registration closes on August 15 at midnight.

Media credential requests are NOT accepted after the deadline, at the gate or during the event.


Media credential qualifications are as follows:

  • CAF AIRSHO media credentials are for working media only. Family members, friends, children, etc., are not issued media credentials, nor are those people whose primary purpose for attending the show is for a purpose other than covering the event as working news media. The media area at the show is not a hospitality area; no food or drinks are served.
  • Freelance journalists/photographers are not issued credentials unless they are on a specific assignment from a recognized media outlet. Credentials are not issued to “assistants” unless specified by the assigning editor as necessary. You must provide assignment letter and editor’s contact information to verify your assignment – no exceptions.
  • Photographer credentials are approved for editorial shooting only. Photographers shooting for stock houses, resale and other commercial purposes will not be credentialed.
  • Video/film production crews (non-news) must receive approval from the airshow director before receiving credentials. This also applies for Internet media that are shooting video for release on websites. We have limited resources to support film crews, so please submit your requests as early as possible – preferably before the month of October.
  • Blog administrators, writers, vloggers, and podcast sites will not be considered for media credentials unless proper documentation of the site's history can be provided. Such documentation includes established period of existence, traffic/subscriber data, and previous coverage of aviation or Commemorative Air Force events.
  • Media sponsors may have been provided admission tickets as part of their sponsorship package. Staff assigned to report the show should apply for credentials; staff not assigned to cover the show should request tickets from their marketing department.
  • Show sponsors may have been provided admission tickets as part of their sponsorship package and are not issued media credentials.
  • CAF AIRSHO media credentials are not available to advertising, marketing, public relations or management departments or firms, unless they are assigned as journalists during the event. Credentials are not available to member of organizations and associations (e.g., military groups, civic clubs, etc.) Credentials may be issued to university students who can be verified as staff members of their university’s news media outlets and meet all of the requirements of other news media. Credentials are not issued to students below the college level.
  • Press IDs from organizations that charge a fee for the ID are not sufficient for media credentials.
  • CAF AIRSHO may share the credentialed media list with representatives of show performers, groups bringing static displays (mostly aircraft) and other show participants. These groups may contact you directly regarding media opportunities, such as interview availability and, in some cases, rides in aircraft. In the case of aircraft rides, the performers’ representatives have their own criteria for eligibility, requirements, etc. and do the booking.
  • CAF AIRSHO maintains the right to request additional information from any media outlet prior to approving credentials, and also may approve or reject any credential requests for the event. We may request you provide us a sample of media coverage of the show (not prior to the show or calendar listings) to validate you are sending working media.
  • Applications suspected of being fraudulent are taken very seriously and will be turned over to law enforcement for investigation.
  • Approved applicants who attend the show but show up to spectate may be stripped of credentials and escorted out of the media area.

By completing the application for credentials, you are confirming you understand and will adhere to these requirements.

Again, we appreciate your support of CAF AIRSHO and the work we do for the community.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CAF AIRSHO!

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